Roses and Rot by Kat Howard

roses and rot

“Happily ever after is the dropping of a curtain, a signal for applause. It is not a guarantee, and it always has a price” (Howard).

I first heard of Roses and Rot by Kat Howard on the All the Books podcast. Liberty and Rebecca and the rest of the Book Riot team are partly responsible for my ever-growing TBR list. When I heard that it was a modern fairy tale, I rushed to find it. Fairy tales are my thing. Old ones, new ones, I don’t care. Then, I saw the mixed reviews. There are many people who love this book. But, there are just as many that were disappointed in it.

Roses and Rot is a debut novel by Kat Howard that retells the story of Tam Lin, a beloved Scottish folk ballad. The story follows two sisters, Imogen and Marin, one dark, one light, one a dancer, one a writer. After surviving an abusive childhood and being apart for many years, the sisters decide to apply together to an artist’s retreat called Melete.  In the beginning, Melete seems perfect, a place to reconnect with each other and to focus on their art. But, Melete is not all that it seems, and its glossy perfection is a mirage for deeper and darker magic. And it may demand more of the artists than they are willing to give. The sisters must, in the end, decide if art and success are worth the sacrifices they will have to make.  Continue reading

24 in 48 Wrap Up

I intended to write and publish this post yesterday, but it was a Monday. And it brought with it all those typical Monday interruptions and a beginning-of-the-week to-do list that seemed to never end.

As I mentioned in previous posts here and here, I participated in my first readathon this weekend. I wasn’t as successful as I wanted to be. I’m a competitive, Type A person, and I expected to complete all twenty-four hours. I only made it for sixteen. However, I read and completed two novels, made it half-way through another, started one more, and listened to four hours of an audiobook.

Though I didn’t reach my goal, I had fun with a bookish community on Litsy  and learned a lot that will help me to be more successful next time–cause I’m definitely doing it again.

Here are five things I learned from my first readathon: Continue reading

24 in 48 Readathon

Summer is coming to a close for me…much too quickly. I’m already in the midst of creating curriculum and dealing with pre-semester administrative tasks. And I haven’t read all of the books I wanted to before school is back in session. So, I thought this weekend would be a perfect time for me to try something I’ve always wanted to do: a readathon. Continue reading

When Believing Isn’t Enough

I’ve been thinking about writing this post for a while, and I was scared to do so. See, the thing is, I’m angry and grieving. And I don’t want my words to be driven by those emotions because I’m afraid of the way they will be perceived. I’m often afraid of what others will think when I discuss my infertility and especially when I try to talk about its connection to religion.  But, I feel that it’s time to say the things that I’ve always been afraid to say. It’s time for real talk.  Continue reading

Reading Life Series: Summer Reading

One of the projects I’ve been working on this summer is organizing all of my books. It’s a task that I deal with every couple of years. I’ve tried alphabetizing books by author and by title. Then, I reorganized them by genre. And as I run out of room and can no longer find books I want, I start all over again. It’s an overwhelming process because I don’t have a large house, and I literally have books in almost every room.

These are just the books in the dining room

This year, I bought a new bookcase and have painstakingly gotten rid of at least five, large bags of books to make the process a little easier. But, it’s still slow going.

One of the good things about pulling all of my books out from shelves, tables, closets, etc. is that I rediscover books I forgot I had. Amidst stacks of books and lingering dust, I squeal and hug my long-lost friends–and I’m sure I look crazy, but that’s okay with me. That’s exactly what I did when I found some copies of The Babysitter’s Club series.

Continue reading