24 in 48 Wrap Up

I intended to write and publish this post yesterday, but it was a Monday. And it brought with it all those typical Monday interruptions and a beginning-of-the-week to-do list that seemed to never end.

As I mentioned in previous posts here and here, I participated in my first readathon this weekend. I wasn’t as successful as I wanted to be. I’m a competitive, Type A person, and I expected to complete all twenty-four hours. I only made it for sixteen. However, I read and completed two novels, made it half-way through another, started one more, and listened to four hours of an audiobook.

Though I didn’t reach my goal, I had fun with a bookish community on Litsy  and learned a lot that will help me to be more successful next time–cause I’m definitely doing it again.

Here are five things I learned from my first readathon:

  1. I need new glasses: I already knew this, but didn’t realize just how bad my eyesight is until I tried reading for several hours straight. I had to take breaks every two hours because I was seeing double. I have an appointment this week, so I will be in good shape next time.
  2. Book hangovers are detrimental to readathons: I have always suffered from book hangovers. When I’m really into a book, it takes me some time to emerge from that world and to be ready to enter a new one. Sometimes I pick up and leave several books before finding the cure. And sometimes it takes serious candy crushing and netflixing before I recover. You don’t have that luxury when when you have a deadline. That’s exactly what happened on Day One of the readathon. I finished Sleeping Giants by Sylvan Neuvel, and it was so amazing and fun that nothing else was working for me. Oh, and I will be writing a review of this one soon. (By the way, Sleeping Giants is available right now for $1.99 on kindle here if you’re curious).
  3. Be prepared with a really large stack of books: Being more prepared would help to solve the problem with the above. I decided two days before the readathon that I would sign up, and I had a pretty decent TBR stack. But, I needed more variety in genre, page length, and plot lines. After finishing Sleeping Giants, I picked up a short story collection, American Housewife, and that helped. But, I really needed more options.
  4. Move around. A lot.: Sitting around is hard work. It is for me, anyway. I get antsy, and my muscles get stiff. Part of my success on Day One was that I spent a few hours playing ball with my German Shepherd, Anya, and cleaning the house, all the while listening to Queen of the Night by Alexander CheeIt helped tremendously. I was then able to spend several hours reading later that evening in the chair.
  5. Talking about books with others is so much fun: Okay, so I already knew this, but I was reminded of how much I enjoy being  part of a reading community this weekend. All weekend, I updated the Litsy community about my progress, chatted with others about books we were reading, participated in bookish challenges, followed others’ progress, and added many books to my ever-growing TBR list( See, I’ll have more options next time).

I absolutely plan on participating in the 24in48 readathon again, and I’ll be better prepared. The next one is scheduled for January 21-22, 2017. You can find out more information and sign up here. Will you join me?

One thought on “24 in 48 Wrap Up

  1. I signed up upon hearing of the challenge through your blog. I signed up that Friday. I also came NO where close to completing the challenge. That is NOT to say you didn’t! I only read two (short by any standard [290-375pgs] and definateley mine)short novels. Though I thourghouly enjoyed them, I had no “prepared” book pile. It was fluff, but enjoyable. A nice bit of escapism that didn’t tax the mind. I love books for the escapism! But I also love to be challenged, provoked to contemplation, taken on a draining emotional roller coaster, disgruntled or weeping for the stories end when I escape. This 24 in 48…not so much. Just fun. And that’s as good a reason as any to read! I was unable to connect with the Litsy community, I look forward to upgrading my technology before the next challenge. Yes, I’m seriously disappointed with my performance. MY secret weapon: I’m going to find a way to get AWAY for that weekend! Even if it’s to go to my sister’s apt. I will enlist her in the challenge! She is one of the few people who can apprecise “Reading Time”. Well, now that I’ve written my own Blog entry… (sorry), I thank you for bringing my attention to this chalkenge! Next time, I might even be able to compete on YOUR level…LOL! Now THAT was funny! Thank you again for your gift of words.


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