Reading Life Series: Summer Reading

One of the projects I’ve been working on this summer is organizing all of my books. It’s a task that I deal with every couple of years. I’ve tried alphabetizing books by author and by title. Then, I reorganized them by genre. And as I run out of room and can no longer find books I want, I start all over again. It’s an overwhelming process because I don’t have a large house, and I literally have books in almost every room.

These are just the books in the dining room

This year, I bought a new bookcase and have painstakingly gotten rid of at least five, large bags of books to make the process a little easier. But, it’s still slow going.

One of the good things about pulling all of my books out from shelves, tables, closets, etc. is that I rediscover books I forgot I had. Amidst stacks of books and lingering dust, I squeal and hug my long-lost friends–and I’m sure I look crazy, but that’s okay with me. That’s exactly what I did when I found some copies of The Babysitter’s Club series.

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Reading Life Series: Kindred Spirits

Most educators, especially those teaching English, have at least one teacher that inspired them to learn, to read, and to follow in their footsteps. For me, that person was my seventh grade English teacher. She was warm, passionate, kind, and engaging. And her love for life and literature was contagious.  Continue reading